Sales & Delivery


We offer both processed and unprocessed dirt available for pick-up or delivery. Processed dirt goes through a machine that removes clumps and rocks, leaving you with light workable topsoil. Unprocessed dirt does not go through this process and is useful for filling in foundations or other projects where working with the dirt is not necessary. Dirt is sold in ton increments and can be delivered up to 14 tons at a time.


Trees can be picked up, delivered, or delivered and installed. Delivery and installation is recommended for larger trees as the use of equipment is usually necessary. Below are the trees we currently have in stock:

  • Autumn Blaze Maple??is an exceptional choice if you are looking for a large, fast growing shade tree with magnificent fall color. This hybrid maple grows up to 3??? per year and can reach 50??? in height and 40??? in width. It also has a distinct oval form and is well known for its long lasting orange-red fall color.
  • October Glory Maples??have luscious dark green leaves in the spring that turn to brilliant crimson red in the fall. These trees are fast growing, red maple cultivars that will grow 40-50??? high and 25-30??? wide. October Glories keep a symmetrical oval form and are site adaptable.
  • Red Sunset Maple??is another fast growing Red Maple cultivar that can grow up to 2??? per year until it reaches its maximum height of around 50???. This tree has lovely color year round starting out with shiny green leaves in the spring which turn to crimson orange in the fall. This maple is one of the best trees for early fall color!
  • Pin Oaks??are in the red oak family with shiny green leaves that turn bronze in the fall and persist into winter. These trees are pyramidal through early maturity and spread out into more of an oval shape in older age. Pin Oaks reach 60??? in height and 25-35??? in width.
  • Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry??is a small, deciduous, ornamental tree that will grow up to 15-25??? high and 15??? wide. Beautiful white flowers emerge in the spring, followed by small edible berries. The small, bluish-green leaves of the serviceberry turn to a magnificent orange-red in the fall. This tree is perfect as a specimen or in group plantings.
  • Colorado Blue Spruces??are evergreen trees that have multiple uses within the landscape. The Blue Spruce is an excellent choice for a specimen tree and can also function well as a wind break or visual screen. They can get up to 30-60??? high and 20??? wide. In addition to these trees being deer-resistant, their gorgeous blue needles provide much winter interest making them a very desirable tree for this area.
  • Pyramidal Arborvitae??is an evergreen tree with bright green foliage and is the perfect choice for a visual barrier or wind break. These trees grow relatively fast and reach of height of 15-25??? and a width of only 3-5???. They keep their tight, pyramidal form throughout their lifetime and are basically maintenance free.
  • Techny Arborvitae??is another evergreen tree that can serve in the landscape as a visual screen or wind break. These trees generally have a denser, deep green foliage and very site adaptable. Techny Arborvitaes are fast growing and can reach 25??? in height and 8??? in width.


We carry a variety of rock in multiple shapes and sizes. Adding rock is a great way to compliment your landscaping and deter weeds from growing. Due to the hazards of loading rock, it is only available for delivery. In addition to having rock delivered, we can also incorporate it into a landscaping plan and install it for you.


Mulches are an excellent way to enhance the look of your flower beds or landscaping. Having a layer of mulch is also a great way to help prevent the germination of many weed seeds, reducing the need for cultivation or the use of chemicals. Mulches also help retain moisture during dry weather, reducing the need for watering. All of our mulches are made from oak and come in Natural, Red, and Walnut (dark brown) colors. Mulch is available for pick up or delivery and can be incorporated into a landscaping plan.