Lawn Care

Mowing & Trimming

Our lawn care professionals are??dedicated to helping you maintain a lawn you can be proud of! Our mowing services allow you to have a consistently manicured lawn without the hassle. Many people are unaware that there are better times to mow a lawn than others. Grass height, moisture level, and the weather all play an important role in determining the best time to mow. Our experienced staff monitors these conditions to make sure your lawn stays looking its best.

Tree and Shrub Grooming

In addition to our regular mowing services, we can also help you keep your trees and shrubs well manicured. Tree and/or shrub grooming can be incorporated into a regular maintenance program to be done on an as needed basis, or they can be taken care of upon request.

Weed Control & Fertilization

Our six-round program is designed to treat specific lawn concerns based on the time of year. Beginning in the spring, Round One treats pre-emergent crab grass and fertilizes your turf. Throughout the summer Rounds Two-Five provide additional fertilization, time released nutrients, and broad-lead weed control. In the fall, Round 6 helps promote root development as well as providing an improved ability to thrive during winter. In addition, we can also specialty spray for any other problems affecting your lawn.


Choosing to aerate your lawn will help to accelerate thatch decomposition and to return nutrients to the soil. This allows air and water to deeply penetrate into the soil, helping your lawn to look its best.

Dethatching & Power Raking

Over time, your lawn can build up thatch that forms a mat between the grass and soil. Removing this layer will allow a lush lawn to reemerge.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Clean-ups keep your lawn looking its best as the seasons change. In the spring, we clear away debris that winter leaves behind giving your lawn and landscaping a fresh and clean feel. Later in the year fall clean-ups prepare your lawn for winter by thoroughly cleaning out landscaping, leaves, and debris leaving less to deal with in the spring.