Why Irrigate?

Watering your lawn consistently and at the right times is the best way to keep it lush and healthy. If left dry for too long, your lawn will turn brown or possibly even die. However, too much water can lead to disease and lawn damage. Irrigating your lawn allows for just the right amount of water to be applied at the right times to keep you lawn looking its best.


Every lawn is unique. We take into consideration the elevation, slope, and other features of each lawn when determining the best way to set up an individual system. The key to proper irrigation starts with the efficiency of the sprinkler system. A highly efficient system will distribute water evenly and effectively as well as take into account recent rainfalls.


This type of water system is designed for working with landscape beds. Having a system specifically dedicated to your landscaping allows your plants to receive optimum watering without the hassle.


Whether or not we installed your system, we can provide quality maintenance and service. In addition to offering start-ups in the spring and winterizations in the fall, our employees are trained to recognize problems that may occur with an irrigation system and can fix them with high quality equipment and parts. We are also certified back-flow testers. (Backflow testing is required by the city of Cedar Falls.)